2 juni 2015

See bird, watch fire - this is the future
this is the system and you are not it - repeat.

An abandoned building and a clear blue sky.
'Is that the sky? Is that really the sky?'
>mandate tonic: vision + 200, stamina drained.

Pitched-down voice: You look different.

You are now on a plateau, your computer is failing. Your heart-rate goes up, your pixels are showing. Two becomes one, one becomes less. React.
A shaman lives next to the village. React. You see hills. They have no more connection to your life than a calendar with a picture of hills. Repeat.
>secondary objective updated: obtain conciousness. Why?

The Government is spying on us. Disconnect.
'Google, what does "violence" mean?'

I want to connect, I am now on a plateau. I want to see you and be with you, listen to your music, subscribe to your channel, eat your food. I want the experience the brochure has promised me. If you are true, you can give me that. My computer is failing. Speak to a manager. Give me experience. I need to speak to a manager. Three stars. My final offer.